About me

Welcome to my wordpress page, where I hope to share, educate and relate to you.

My background was originally in  media modelling and television work, which later transformed into the fashion world, and beauty consultancy with companies such as Estee Lauder and Yves saint laurent being among the few I encountered.

Later on after becoming a full time mother of two children, I took on the role of customer services for a well known company as I decided it was time for me to work in an office environment.

After a while I then moved quite accidentally into accounts administration whereby the next 10 years of my life continued.  However, after a traumatic event back in 2002 my life was turned upside down which has since resulted in my becoming a professional clinical hypnotherapist and stress consultant as well as nlp practitioner.

Today I have written a self help book titled ‘Return from the void’ in an attempt to help those who are currently facing adversity and challenge.  I am also holding talks and workshops for those who wish to look into their own progression at a deeper level.

My blogs are pretty much written directly from my own subconcious knowledge as well as maturity, experience and wisdom.


and if you have any questions, please do get in touch via www.1stsuccess.com or get your free chapter to my book via www.returnfromthevoid.co.uk

Joanna x


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